Monday, October 7, 2013

Word of The Week

I was going to wait until the new year and restart the word of the week, but after a weekend of being sick from another migraine and other pressing issues, I do what I do when I can't cope...pray. I spoke outloud and asked for help, guidance, whatever I needed and today things opened up and I am convinced my prayers were answered! So I said no time like the present to exhibit my faith and do the word of the week again. This weeks word rang very true for my and my situation this weekend.
Sometimes it's easy to be distracted by the facts of a matter. Sometimes it's easy to forget the Truth and feel alone, separated, and unable to believe that God is present. When we experience difficulties in life using only our natural senses, it is easy to move into "fix it" mode. When we remember to go within and tap into our Source of Oneness, we open the way to the "see" through our spiritual eyes and know the Truth. We know we are loved, protected, and blessed. We know God's will for us is absolute good, and we are worth it!
Today, remember to think thoughts and speak words that affirm abundant life, wholeness, joy, love and peace. Remember to give thanks for being willing to "see" your faith pointed in the direction of divine, unlimited possibility. Remember the way out is to make way for your inner spirit to radiate the highest and best through you!
Affirmation: "Today, I go within and remember the Truth."
Luke 1:37  "For nothing will be impossible with God."

Kathy Threats-Grant, Unity of New York Prayer Chaplain Co-Director
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