Monday, September 26, 2011


I didn't do many shows during fashion week because I was doing Nike for three and  a half days. I did Nike last year, but that was a presentation for share holders I think and it was more fashion (sport)and had dancers as models. This time, it was to announced that Nike would be the official gear of the NFL next year. The Official announcement will be April 1, 2012. I am trying to find some of the video that they took of the backstage and rehearsals.  When I find it I will post it.  I hope they post the video cuz it looked cool in rehearsals.

The models they used this time were trainors from all over the country. I have never seen so many hard bodies in one place in my life! I so wish I had been able to take pictures as proof, but being that it was top secret unti it was announced, I had to be good least I loose my privilages. I can't do that, too many perks! The models had to sign confidentiality papers to not talk about this to anyone. Me and the rest of the people who I work with, were simply trusted to keep it to our selves until it was announced. being that only a very few people I know would even cara bout such stuff made it easy for my to keep it all to  my self. On show day they told a large room full of sports retailes so I guess it's safe for me to talk about it now. Michael Irving from the Dallas Cowboys(gag, not a Dallas fan) was there and so was Darelle Revis from the Jets. Didn't get to meet them. I was very tired after three and a half days so I will get over it. I love Dan marino anyway!
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