Monday, September 26, 2011

My Fashion Week: United Bamboo

I found this little blurb abput who they are in New York magazine:

"Japanese-born F.I.T. alum Miho Aoki and Vietnamese-born Thuy Pham founded United Bamboo in 1998, making their New York runway debut for fall 2004. The pair employs innovative patterns, fabrics, and construction, like origami pleats, asymmetrical shapes, and architectural lines."

The review and pictures are from YORK, September 9, 2011

By Maya Singer

"You know, we just wanted to make real clothes," designer Thuy Pham said with a shrug after the United Bamboo show today. "Like, the kind of thing people could wear to work or whatever." Pham's matter-of-factness seemed appropriate, considering the collection he and United Bamboo co-designer Miho Aoki sent down the runway today: crisp cotton and silk shirting, frilled here and there with girlish detail. Clean, almost-basic leather jackets and skirts. Dress-up/dress-down high-waisted trousers, wispy silk dresses, and linen shorts. Microdots. Chambray. Barely there stripes. Lots and lots of neutrals. As Pham said, he and Aoki weren't trying to reinvent the wheel this season. But there were a lot of niceties that shoppers will appreciate, such as the contrast collar on a striped blouse, or the flutter of fabric on the sleeve of a drop-waist, printed maxi.
And then there were pieces that made you think Pham might have been underselling the ambition here. A pair of gauzy gray harem pants, for instance, had a particular volume and movement that suggested a lot of care had gone into their construction. And a blazer toward the close of the show that had an internal crisscross-strap closure turned out, on inspection, to be comprised of two different patterns, front and back, that had been made to conform to one another. Pham owned up: "I was looking at this old Miyake stuff; it was something on YouTube," he said. "But that stuff was pretty crazy. I wanted to see if you could take those ideas and do them in, I guess, a more reasonable way."

Monica Sawicka

Iris Egbers. Loved the shoes!

Dovile Virsilaite. Shoes again in a different color.

Ming Xaio, the model I dressed for this show.

Ming Xiao

The designers, Thuy Pham and Miho Aoki

 In my opinion, this show could have used a punch of color, olther wise it was cute and wearable. The hair was really nice, very pretty. Hopefully you canmaximize the picture and get a better look.

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