Friday, June 17, 2011

Persol Magnificent Obsessions, 30 Years of craftmanship in film!

I got called to do a freelance job yesterday afternoon and being that I am diligently working on manifesting more money into my experience, I excepted the job not knowing what it was, only that I was would be steaming clothes. Well, when I got to the location, I did more sewing than steaming. I sewed labels into some hats, decorations on shoes. Do you know how hard it is to sew on a shoe with a needle and thread?  It wasn't until we were finished four hours later, that I found out who I was working with and for what. Turned out I was helping with an exhibit at CRG(I think that's the name) art gallery or studio( don't  really know which it was), anyway It was an exhibit sponsored by Persol (they make sunglasses). Persol I was working with three time Academy award winning costume designer Milena Canonero.  Wow! She was really sweet, nice, gracious lady. She won awards for Stanley Kubrick's, Clockwork Orange(1975), Hugh Hudson's, Chariot's of Fire(1981) and Sofia Coppella's, Marie Antoinette(2006). Items from the latter film was featured in the exhibit.

Taken when I was leaving. No celebs were sighted during the taking of this picture.

The two pictures above were from the exhibit. They were still working on the jewelry , so I couldn't take a picture of that. By the time they finished setting up, we were politely being told  to get ,out so the guests could come in. 

Melina Canonero
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