Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion week, letting go and moving on!

I had meant to post more this month, but my wifi has been very limited and I've had a series of personal issues come up that required most of my time and attention.

First off, Fashion week Fall 2011. I only worked one show, Jenny Packham. This was mostly an evening wear collection with a lot of intricate beading and chains.

This was the model I dressed. I forgot her name in the midst of the other sh*t that kept me from doing other shows. I'll get to that in a minute.

This was the model next to me that I helped, since the dress was delicate if not heavy from all the beading. I think they said it weighed 20 pounds or something like that!

I"ll post more pictures from this show later as the current internet connection is slow like dial-up and that is very aggravating when you are use to high speed.

Anyway, this is what happened that got my pretty much banned from most of the fashion shows I would usually work during fashion week. Last fall, I worked the Cynthia Steffe show and made a huge mistake that could not be corrected in time for the model to go out on the runway. She went out, but her top was on sideways! OOPS! AND she was supposed to have a bag that she would carry, that I didn't see by her changes. Andre Leon Tally(editor at large at Vogue magazine) came back stage so the Cynthia Steffe people were hyped about that, but I made that mistake. I was asked about it later that night by the lady who does the booking for the company that I freelance for and I told her briefly what happened. One mistake in fifteen years, but the owner must have been more pissed, but I didn't know just how pissed she was just yet.  I was taken off a show I have always done the day after the incident, but I didn't think much of it  UNTIL this past fashion week when I was never called to do any shows. When I did call to let them know I didn't have internet access so they would have to call me if they scheduled me for any shows, that's when I found out the owner was blocking me from working any shows, especially the shows she usually attends, which were most of the shows I usually worked each season. I was told if she saw me she would send me home. Ain't that some SH*T?!
This ...woman, has been holding on to something since last September instead of just firing me or telling me herself how pissed she was, she just blocks me from working. She did something similar about eight years ago when I requested something from her( a letter stating that I worked for her) that she refused to do for me and I hadn't even messed up anything back then, but you know what? I was blessed greatly despite her blocking. I kept repeating something I learned from my church, that she does not have my good. God has all of my good and I said that for this incident. I'm not going to beat myself up over something that was over five months ago and with each day I get further and further away from it. If she wants to hold on to it, live in that place...more power to her. I only regret not listening to my spirit when it told me to sit that fashion week out, but I needed the money. Like I needed the money this time, but I'm going to let it go. I'm moving on. I through with bullsh*t like this. I'm going to focus my energies on building my own business and being at fashion week because I'm presenting my fashion collection, not because I'm working for someone else.

I've had to do a lot of spiritual cleansing because I've attracted too many toxic people into my experience and  want to attract people who better represent what I want to experience and create in my life. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

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