Friday, April 16, 2010

Eye Candy!

Mmm mmm mmm. This is Alexander Kjellevik. He's 24 and from Norway. Them Scandanavians are as pretty as the Brazilians!

Scottish Parade?

First off, who knew that ther was a Scottish(Tartan) Parade each year here in New York? I didn't, that is until a friend of mine emailed me about it. It took place this past Saturday (4/10). I missed the parade. By the time I got downtown it was over and from my friend told me it was only a few blocks long, nothing like the St Patricks Day Parade. It was fun looking at all the men walking around in kilts though! Made me want to go quick fast to Scotland! I had two scottish beers at a pub to which I completely forgot the name of now, but it's on 45th street off 6th avenue( I think!). It's where all the pictures below were taken. The scottish beer was very good, it was like Guiness light.

We met a fellow who was actually from Scotland and started chattig with him until this chick suddenly appears! He must have been standing next to us at the baar a good ten minutes before we started chatting him up and then no sooner we make introductions all around this mean looking chick comes sliding up next to him. His name was Robert. My friends and I just turned away and laughed it off.

We went to another bar on 33rd street  where we started running into some of the other patrons from the previous bar. I swear I will ask my friend the name of the bars  because I just can not remember either of the names right now! I had scottish beer number three here. I was hunger and something told me I should have eaten something before I started drinking because by the time we went up to Piper's Kilt( this bar I know on 207 and B'way) I was gone. I was feeling so sick I couldn't eat my burger and this joint has some of the best burgers around. I made it home in time enough to be sick for the rest of the night and all day Sunday and most of Monday. I started ovulating on Monday  and that didn't help me how I was feeling, TMI, but it's part of why I was sicker longer than I normally would have been. So moral of this story, load up on the carbs and fat if you plan to drink heavily and have a glass of water for every two drinks you have or something like that.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I went out to the grocery store a couple a days ago to get some yogurt for my queezy stomach  and on my way back I saw a pink Escalade. A pink Escalade on 181st is not usual and as I got closer I could see that it wan't just any  pink Escalade it was a Mary Kay Escalade. Mary Kay as in Mary Kay Cosmetics. They give a car (use to be a pink Cadillac) to thier top sellers. I did a internet search about to find out when the Cadillacwas replaced by the Escalade, but I didn't find anything about it,  but then I didn't do the extensive of a search but, it doesn't really matter. I took a couple of pictures because I just thought it was cool to see this particular carrandomly in my neighborhood. Have a look.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Goals for Spring

I'm a little behind with posting, because so much of what I do requires so much time and attention. Some people think that drawing takes no time, but in fact it takes a long time,especially if you are illustrating or have a lot of detail to get down. I like to do really detailed illustrations, but sometimes I rush and I f*ck up, case in point on some of my sketches for my application back to to Parsons,which I submitted last week and I just have to send them a few more sketches and then it's a simple waiting  game to find out if I was excepted into the BFA program or not.  Below are the sketches I submitted.
I was going along fine until I mucked up the background of the first three sketches so I had to back them and cut them out. I stuck them on a foam core board then took this picture. I had to submit 8-12 sketches but I could only upload one picture with my application so the next four sketches I couldn't send.

These I rushed and the faces were totally messed up. The purple dress should have been more mauve, but I didn't have the right color marker. I really need to slow down and take my time, but sometimes I get anxious when I have a time limit for things. I do better when I'm just drawing for the sake of drawing. It's rather relaxing and I get into a really great creative place. I do believe that's when spirit is working through me becaus e everything just flows so freely. I love being in that place!

I completed some of the goals I set for myself in the first three months of the year. I didn't go out as much as I  wanted , but that had to do with weather, but I have no excuses now! I didn't finish my tailored jacket, but I can continue with that since I don't have anymore sketches to do for my school application.
So,my goal for the next three months are:

1. Finish the tailored jacket ( for real this time!) and all the other little sewing projects I have left undone.
2. Use the screen printer a friend gave me to create  product for my business.
3. Submit a story to Changling Press who is doing  a call for submissions from new authors.
4. Increase my workout time. I'm down five pounds which is good since I slacked off my workouts due to     the cold and snow in February and all the rain in March.
5. Find a stock to invest in.
6. Visit three museaums.
7. Complete the collection of sketches I started for the Parsons challenge. What I mean is do more sketches to make a full collection of about 24 sketches. This will also serve as part of my portfolio.