Monday, April 13, 2015

New York Restaurant Show

This should have been posted last month, but life get's in the way of things sometimes...anyway, I was at the International Restaurant and Food Service Show at the Jacob Javits Center. I ate my way around most of the event sampling whatever there was to sample. Cheese, pizza, sausage, gelato, wine, beer...yeah, I enjoyed myself. The buttered popcorn gelato was my favorite.

There was also  the 26th Annual US Pastry Competition. They were all magnificent cakes. I didn't stick around for the announcement of the winners, so I had to look them up on the facebook page of Paris Gourmet who sponsored the competition.

This is the winning entry from chef of the year, Nicoll Notter from The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada.

USA Honorable Mention from Monica Ng from Sirio Ristorante here in NYC!

This was second place winner by chef John Cook from Norman Love Confections in Fort Meyers, Florida.

Third place winner from chef Nicolas Chevriev from Masison Kayseni USA.

Some gelato pops. Too bad we couldn't eat them, but this exhibitor did give out gelato samples and the made a ice cream sandwich like a panini using sweet bread. The bread was warm on the outside and the gelato was nice and soft on the inside...mmmm so good! Right around from this is where I also had my buttered popcorn gelato. Like gelato much? Yes, yes I do!

This was a popular spot to say the least!

From an exhibitor in The Pub who gave away his samples on the last day. I literally walked away with a six-pack. I didn't care for the green apple Maeloc, but the pear was ok and so was the 1906.

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