Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015: Summerized Rundown

Richard Chai



Tonya Taylor

Mona Kid





Donna Karan Collection

 Kendal Jenner
I didn't dress her but I think she is a decent model despite the naysayers. The word going around during fashion week was that she was being bullied by some of the other models because they thought she got shows because of her name. Jealous much?

 I wasn't assigned to dress this model, but ended up helping her because the DK staff dress one of the other models I was assigned.
The DK staff thought the dress was too complicated for me to figure to how to put on this models so they dressed her themselves. I love how fashion folk exaggerate things in their heightened state of hysteria during fashion week. This dress was not that complicated to put on the model, but I don't argue, it's pointless.

Vera Wang

 Julia B

Jenny Packham


CBS Fashion Rocks

I was feeling to lazy to really hunt down pictures for this show and it was mostly about the famous people who were performing: Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Justin Beiber, Kiss... I wasn't all that interested in showing them since we didn't work with any of them, but Super Model of the world Naomi Campbell was backstage with her "people" to change for her appearance on the show and she took a few moments to take pictures with all of us dressers. Someone took a group shot, but once again I didn't feel like looking for it and I was cut out anyway so...

All the above are blurry pictures I tried to take of  Naomi Campbell at the Fashion Rocks show backstage. Why in the hell does my cellphone camera not want to work for those crucial shots?! That's Audrey Smaltz in the third and fourth picture next to Naomi.

Abiah, who remembered me from last September when we did the Gap presentaion. That was the first time I had met him. He's becoming a much in demand male model.

My first time at Barclays was for this show.

Michael Kors 


Boss Women


 From Inside The Tents

 The girls skirts had led lights.
 Blurry cellphone picture of a dude in a robe
 This girls shoes were interesting. I couldn't get a better close up of them. I should have used my other camera instead of my cellphone.

I found out that  she is a shoe designer, hence, the cool shoes. Up close it was very diy. All you need is a plain pair of booties, some feathers, lace and a glue gun!
So pathetic! I sat in the tent for literally eight hours between shows and I didn't fint too many people interesting enough to take more pictures. I must be jaded.

They weren't giving away much this season, unfortunately.

Champagne gummie bears from the E!Entertainment lounge. 
A card from Papyrus
 My model, Ophelie(far right), from DK Collection had a picture in one of  the Dailey fashion periodicals.

 In Tribute

I wanted to add Oscar De La Renta here since I didn't post about his death last Monday. He was such a gentleman, always calm and collected backstage. We hadn't worked for him in the past five years but, it was special the times we did work for him. Bless his soul, he will be missed.

July 22, 1932 - October 20, 2014

This was the last show I worked for Oscar in the spring of 2008. I wasn't during fashion week and it was at the Armory on the east side, 60th street or something like that.  It was also my first time working with Jourdan Dunn.

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