Friday, April 26, 2013

NFL Draft

A friend of mine has a friend who works for the NFL and he gifted her two tickets to this years NFL draft  at Radio City Music Hall. I didn't know you could get tickets to attend the draft! It was quite interesting to see the process.
The Vince Lombardi Trophy surrounded by those big a** superbowl rings!

Mr lead feet's jersey, John Elway from the Denver Broncos.

*Sigh* The reason I became a Miami Dolphin fan was because of Dan Marino! I love him! It is a major tragedy that he does not have a superbowl win with the Dolphins.

Me in from of Dan's jersery!

The jersey of Jim Kelly from the Buffalo Bills.

A pick of the stage between drafts.
Manti Teo when he was drafted by the SanDiego Chargers in the second round.
Geno Smith when he was called in the second round for the New York Jets.
This was the bag we got for attending the draft.  Some of the items in this bag...

... a towel,
... a mini radio to listen to sports casts,

... some stickers of players, trading cards, a pin and some miscellaneous cards and flyers....

...a thermal lunch bag, a stress football, a pin and a band promoting the Superbowl at Met Life Stadium in February 2014. I ate the mini snicker candy that was also in there.
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