Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daisy Fuentes Fashion Show backstage

I landed my new freelance gig at Regatta for the Daisy Fuentes line during fashion week. If you don't know who Daisy Fuents is ( most people don't) she use to be the host of MTV for latin America back in the 90's. Unbelievably she has had this fashion lin for ten years! I did not know that. I took a few random shots backstage before the show. Sorry the pictures ar so dark.

 A model getting her make-up touched up.

Reporter from Fashion Television interviewing a model.

 Model getting her make-up touched up.

 Daisy herself fixing the models hair
 And another of Daisy fixing the models hair.

 F.I.T. student dresser fixing a models shoe strap.

Group shot of the models and Daisy in the middle after the show. The lighting was really bad and my flash didn't help, so the picture is what it is.
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