Sunday, August 26, 2012

New York Jets Preseason Football

A friend of mine got preseson tickets to The Jets and Giants game. We had seats WAY up on the upper level, but at the 50 yard line. You could still se pretty good, but it would have been much better to be a few levels below. Jets lost the game, no surprise.

The pictures below is of  the prseason game between the Jets and the Carolina Panthers. I went picture crazy. The same friend from the  Jets v.s Giants game  and I were once again  lucky enough to score free tickets in the second row, to the left of th end zone! SWEET!
Jets lost this game too.


Tim Tebow

Mark Sanchez

Jets sideline.

The camera guy that put the section I was in on the big jumbo screens around the stadium!

Mark Sanchez inthe pocket.

A Jet player is down.

Same Jet player being helped off the field. Poor guy was cut not soon after this game.

A shot of Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.

A shot of Mark Sanchez

One of the Jet cheerleader/dancers repping for the black girls!

Tim Tebow in the pocket.

 The last few pictures are of two dudes who were going to streak across the field, but the were promptly busted!

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