Friday, December 2, 2011

Eye Candy

This months eye candy is Ingo Deirs. I know nothing about him. I think he is German, but don't quote me. I did work with him about seven or eight years ago at a Lloyd Klein fashion show (see last pic). He was really sweet and he let me run my hands all in his luxurious mane of hair! *sigh* It was so silky soft! Alas, I saw a couple of years back he had cut off all his hair, he was still  looked good though.  Enjoy!

Me and Ingo! I was channeling Whoopi Goldberg that day. The little hearts on the card was because there was a girl at the show who was a big fan of Ingo and used that card to let let him know how much! I was a good show. I have a picture of Carol Alt as well from that show, but I don't think I had that picture put on cd from 33mm. Oh well...
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