Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Victoria's Secret

I was at the taping of Victoria's Secret annual Angel show last week. The last time I did this show was 2009 when Heidi Klume retired her angel wings. The highlight was that Jay-Z, Kanye West and Niki Minaj were the entertainment, even though I didn't get to see any of them personally. I saw Jay-Z at a Tommy Hilfiger show in 2003 though. Other than that, the show went well. I worked with a pretty Brazilain model, Izabel, who said she was nervous and did lose fher freakingmind for a minuter during the taping of the first show( there were two show tapings). She had calmed down by the second show. I was glad to see one of my personal favorite angels back, Adriana Lima. Another pretty brazilain model( must be the water down there!) She wasn't at the show in 2009 cuz she was pregnant. She's a favorite of a lot of people because she is just so sweet and friendly. Too bad they all can't be like her.Anyway, Mrs Orlando Bloom( Miranda Kerr) wore the million dollar bra. It was 2.5 million dollars to be exact! I took some covert pics and even got a token from the show! The show airs on CBS( I think) on November 29th!

                                          The t-shirt we wore as part of backstage production.

The 2.5 million dollar bra worn by Mrs. Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr. I'm a bit peeved the first pic was  blurry, but I wa trying to by sly taking the picture since we usually can't take pictures.

Some wings backstage after the show

                                                                 More wings backstage.

                                              The wings that went with one of my models looks. I forgot the name of this group, something sexy romantic. It was my favorite of all the groups. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the story borad to post so everyone could see each group and thier tittle.

        The other set of wings that went with another look my model wore for  the Angel super hero group.
I got a robe this year! I claimed it whe it was left behind. Some models were kind and gave up thier robes to thier dresser. We usually get nothing at all beyond our pay, which is on the very low end compared to everyone else, so it's nice to get a little somethin', somethin' every now and then.

                                  *The section of pictures below are form a Yahoo search.

                                                   Miranda Kerr in the 2.5 million dollar bra!

                                               My model, Izabel in the superhero angel wings.

                                         And Izabel in the sexy romantic, with the umbrella wings.

 This is Bregje, the model that was next to me and Izabel. I just liked this dress. This was in the ballet group. The shoe laces were a mutha f**a to deal with because the wanted them even and for them to stay up.
Bregje again. I justy liked this, thought it was cool. And her name is pronounced like you are clearing your throat. I moment of hillarity ensued when her dresser asked about how she pronounced herr name. Too funny!

                                                  Adriana Lima, just because she is fabulous!

                                                                          The finally!
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