Saturday, July 16, 2011

Celebrity sighting!

I was comng out of the subway staion at 181st street and was just walking up the street heading to Staples to return something when who should walk right past me? Gabourey Sidibe! That's right "Precious" walked by me. I looked at her and smiled and she smiled back. She's not that tall, not as big as he looks on film and in pictures and she's quite cute in the face. My camera was too far down inmy back pack for me to dig it out and snap a picture, dang it. Oh, well. 

*photo is from a yahoo search

Her mother(below) I have also seen before Gabourey became famous. I saw he mother singing at the 59th street subway station before several years back. Talent must run in the family because her mother is a really good singer. I highly recommend taking a moment to pause and listen to some of the musicians that play/perform in the subways stations or even out on the street. I've heard some really good music. There is a trio that sings classic Motown Temptation hits who are incredible! I see them mostly at the 59th street station or sometimes at 42nd street station, the blue line A, C & E. Look out for them.

*photo from yahoo search.
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