Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I can not believe today is the very last day of the Oprah Winfrey Show! I knew this day wass coming because I was watching when Oprah made the announcement back in 2009 that she was ending her show, but still... I know I'm going  to be sad and need to mourn a bit. I was tearing up watching the shows on Monday and Tuesday. My weekday afternnons will never be the same.*sigh*  I'm going to miss her show, but I guess OWN is something bigger and better. Quite frankly I am freakin' estatic that a self-made billionare black women OWNs her own network! Gives me that much more incentive to get my serious hustle on and become a part of that exclusive club. Lord knows we could use many, many...MANY more women of color  in possitions of power and influence in order to counter a lot of the negative propoganda aimed directly at black women ( Talking to you Psycology Today!), but I digress...

Thank you Oprah for the many lessons, laughs and Aha moments over the years! I sure will miss ya.

Cheers to you Oprah!
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