Monday, October 18, 2010

Some design sketches

These are some designs I had to do for my Life Drawing class mid term and All-Japan assignment. I was so not paying attention when my teacher said this was for grade. I did this on they fly and the design in the middle was inspired by a close up of a fly! The design had to be inspired from insects. I chose a dragon fly inspiration for the first design on the left and a butterfly for the last one on the right. I so didn't need the extra work, but I am not willing to sacrafice my grade. I'm pulling a "B" so far and I want to improve to an "A". I love to draw, when I have the time to really sit and illustrate. Doing  30 -40sketches a week for a class tends to become tedious. That is how many sketches I have to do for my Fashion Core class. In fact I have to do 6 illustrations for Friday! Plus flats and a mood board!!! I'm going to need a drink on Friday night.
Below are the first 6 sketches I did for my Fashion Core class. I'm pulling a "C" in this class because I missed two classes. I think my illustration skills and my quick grasp of the assignments save me!

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