Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have been busy as a mutha these last few weeks! It has been non stop since the week before labor day  when school started. I was rather dissapointed that school started before labor day instead of after, but it is what it is. I will be back over the weekeknd to give my fashion week report. I would have done it last week, which was fashion week, but I had soo much homework to do and catch up on it's not even funny and since Parsons school of design is more expensive than Harvard, there is now way in HEYELL I plan to fail any of my classes. I'm busting my a** to get caught up and even get ahead so I can have a little bit of a life.

This is a drawing I did yesterday in my life drawing class only this was not a life darwing. This was a pose fro a picture in a magazine and I got creative witht hte outfit. I'm going to do another drawing using one of my original design concepts as I forgot to bring them for the class as I was  suppose too yesterday. I'm really liking the class as I love to draw and my teacher( Glen Hilario) is an excellent illustrator. He showed us some of his work yesterday and I was simply drooling in awe. I was so inspired. I look forward to going back to doing something that I love more often and got away from when I was working full-time. I was so caught  up in the rat race I let myself get away from something that brings me joy and relaxes me. I also realized I can make money doing this, so I have great incentive to get better, not just for my grade, although i do want to get an "A" for the class!

Last week my friend Adrian, flew in from Texas for the weekend. We went for a walk after a late lunch and came upon Whoopie Goldberg standing outside of Madame Tussaud's, lol!

You never know who you will see at any given time in and around NYC. Earlier this evening I was standing on the corner of 81st and Broadway having a long(two hour!) conversation with my friends Lauren and Yoni, when Yoni see Alec Baldwin coming out of the Starbucks!!! He was in a grey suit, he's on the chunky, but not fat side and rather handsome in person. I was slow whipping out my camera so I didn't get a picture(DAYUM!). I don't know what the hell my problem was because Alec was walking on the slow side. He walked by us and across the street to a waiting car. I remember the three didgits og the liscense, but I'm not going to post it. I am going to play that number in the pick three numbers lottery!

This picture is from google search.
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