Friday, August 20, 2010

Target Kaleidoscopic Spectacular

I did a freelance job for two days for Targets fall collection. I was expecting the traditomal fashion, models walk down the runway, pose and walk back. Boy was I wrong. I underestimated the spectacular part. They did a whole big a$$ production in The Standard Hotel down in the meat packing district on 14/13th street near 10th avenue. The rented out, I believe all the rooms on the south side of the hotel and most of the north ide for the executives. I was in room 1015working with the dancers, shout out to Kaitlyn, John, Taylor and Lauren! Seeing it on the iside was one thing, but seeing it from the outside was something else!I had to watch several videos and I thought this one had the best perspective and it was really clear, but he edited at least five or six minutes out, but you see most of the show. I can even make out Taylor and Lauren during the green segment at 3:13! They are directly across from the green lit room on the left of that solid black line, above the room that isn't lit! I was in the bathroom turning on the led lights for the last segment,which Lauren was dancing.

There was some controversy as Target has been accused of giving money to some anti-gay, right-wing republican in Minnesota who's running for govenor. There were protesters out and about and you will be able to see a sign pass in front of the camera a couple of times and here them shouting "shame" until the music drowns them out. I haven't shopped in Target in a few months, mostly because I didn't have much money to spend there or anywhere else, but I will gladly except money from Target  through the company I freelance for. A sista has bills to pay! I will however, not spend my money at Target until they stop supporting extreme politicians and that goes for any company giving donations this election season.

Shout out to my friend Ayaba for coming out to see it! Sorry it was last minute, but glad you enjoyed it!

* Just a side note, this should have been posted yesterday as the show took place the day before on 8/18, but the video wouldn't load properly. Hey, I'm new at this, LOL!
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